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Physiotherapy Access Policy

In order to run efficient and effective physiotherapy sessions for club players, the following shall apply:

1. Only fully paid-up adult members are entitled to access to Player Welfare and physiotherapy for injuries sustained in playing or training for the club. For the absence of doubt, if your membership is not up to date, you will be declined access until any arrears are cleared. This will be checked once you are booking your slot.

2. The default day for physiotherapy is Thursday evenings.

3. 15 minute time slots will be allocated.

4. To book a slot, email Pat Noonan (e: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) before 9am on Wednesday (for Thursday slot).  You will then be notified of your time slot on Thursday morning.

5. Once all the time slots are filled on a Thursday, an alternative non-training day may be sought.

6. A list will notified on the Facebook groups of players and timeslots.

7. All players to be present 15 minutes before their allotted time slot. If you miss your slot, you forgo access to player welfare.

8. Players who miss two or more scheduled slots in a season can be declined access.

9. Priority for Thursday slots will be given to players currently training, available for selection, and will be based on competition requirements.

10. Players turning up ‘unannounced’ will not be seen.

11. Players who are 'long term' injured or not able to train due to rehab may be seen on a non-training day. If a slot is available on Thursdays, they will be seen then.

12. Please keep noise outside the physio room to a minimum when waiting.

Implementing the above will ensure all players get seen and more importantly get enough time to be assessed properly and treated effectively.