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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 15:00

Brennan Back As Jones Caves

Bobby Brennan has been sensationally recalled to the Legends squad and re-appointed as captain, as Legends Supremo Stuart Jones finally bowed to the inevitable.

Jones announced a thirty-six man squad, including three debutants in Mick Galwey, Kevin McCann and David O'Brien, with Galwey and McCann adding some beef to the engine room and O'Brien reuniting the old Enniscorthy half-back partnership with Paul Wrafter.  

The talking point, however, is Jones, a man not previously known for capriciousness, performing a complete u-turn on Brennan.

Jones had been under tremendous pressure to re-instate Brennan after dropping him as captain for the November test in favour of former Railway captain, coach and general all-round Legend, Kevin Lewis.

“Whilst Kevin has been working hard on his fitness, we both agreed that it wasn’t quite at the right pitch expected at Legends level.  Kevin and I had a long and mature discussion around whether he would be able to deliver more than the 90 seconds he managed against Ameland and we agreed neither of us felt confident in that regard,” said Jones.

Jones said he was outraged by the Bras Cassés demands for the inclusion of Brennan in his squad. 

brac “As an Englishman, I find it a complete affront to be dictated to, by of all people, the French.  I will quite simply not be told who I should or should not have in my squad.  It is an utter outrage and they have greatly over-stepped the mark here.”

“However, after taking some time to reflect and give some thoughtful consideration, I feel the best way to deal with this is to let them have Bobby... or Le Booty…. or whatever the hell they call him."

“The maxim ‘be careful what you wish for’ could not be more apt.”

Brennan is known to have a chequered history with the French, with many describing his love and admiration of French rugby to be on a par with Peter Clohessy. 

Brennan sycophant and Legends puppetmaster, the PJ-Mara-like Paddy Murray was unavailable for comment but was said to be pleased that ‘his work here was done’. 

Reinstalled captain Brennan was his usual magnanimous self about the whole episode and held out an olive branch to rival Lewis.

“There is a place in MY squad for Kevin.  He’s the prototype of the modern impact sub whose introduction can instantly change the pace of the game.  So if we want to slow the game down and give the lads a bit of a breather, Kevin will be first off the bench to do that,” said Brennan. 

The game kicks off at 7.30pm on 13th February and all support is welcome.

Forwards (19):  Bobby Brennan (captain), Ross Sheridan, John Cronin, Bernard McNally, Jack Walsh, Mossy Keating, Grant Hourigan, Paddy Murray, Kevin Lewis, Malcolm Walsh, Francis Roche, Santiago Jimenez, John Fitzgerald, George Ross, Alan Frahill, John Handley, Mick Galwey*, John Lowry, Kevin McCann*

Backs (17):  Garry Dean, Emile Coghlan, Keith O'Reilly, Paul Handley, Eoin Kelly, Kevin McCarthy, David O’Brien*, Nick Polley, Derek O’Reilly, Paul Wrafter, Ian Quinn, Damien Jenkins, Stephen O’Reilly, Karl McDonagh, Pat McDermott, Giles Barrett, Liam Fallon

* denotes uncapped player

Match Officials:  Tim Townsend, Filipe Fiel, George Walsh (all ARLB)
Fourth Offical:  David Robb (ARLB)
TMO:  Ciaran O’Brien (ARLB)
Medical Team:  Professor John Ryan, Ian Marshall
Offical Photographer:  Cian Ryan Photography