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Sunday, 18 January 2015 00:00

Bras Cassés Return for 'Le Booty'

Bras Cassés Rugby Club (France) make the return to Railway to take on the Legends on 13th February.

"We are delighted to welcome back our friends from Grenoble," said Legends Svengali Stuart Jones.  "It's been over ten years since their last visit, a visit that is fondly remembered in the club.  It was a epic night, not least as they brought the best of wine, charcuterie and cheese that set the scene for a party that went on well into the early hours.  We are immensely looking forward to having them back with us once more."

The warmth of Jones' recollection was not shared by the French, however.

"Our memory is not as fond as Monsieur Jones," said Bras Cassés' Patrice Balauze.  "Oui, we had a wonderful party, great singing and merriment, met some lovely ladies but we took a bit of a branlée by in the game, with one pute in particular… 'Booty' or 'Booby' I think they called him… let's just say that many of our players would very much like to meet this fine fellow again."

frenchvisit It is believed the player referred to is former Legends captain Bobby Brennan.  Brennan remains in exile, having been banished from the squad by Jones after a war of words following his controversial demotion as captain in favour of Kevin Lewis for last November's fixture against Ameland.  

Lewis subsequently lasted only 90 seconds against the Dutch, causing Brennan acolyte Paddy Murray to publicly question Jones' judgement and call for the reinstatement of himself and Brennan and the dropping of Lewis as both captain and starting hooker.  

"We do not want to get involved in internal Legends politics," said Balauze, "but many of our team have been waiting over ten years to meet Le Booty again.  Many more are specifically making the trip to make our reacquaintance, so it would be très décevant should Monsieur Jones not allow our desires to be fulfilled."

"Nobody knows who this Lewis is, we want Le Booty."

With Jones under pressure since November to admit he erred on Lewis and to recall Brennan and Murray, this request from the French is likely to ramp the pressure up even further.  

"I don't know what Lewis has on Stu," said Murray, "but this whole Lewis-as-captain-and-starting-hooker has been shown up for the charade it is.  Stu needs to make two phone calls now - one to Bobby telling him he's back in as captain and one to Lewis telling him he's a sub… or waterboy or something."

However, Jones is his own man and renowned for his loyalty.  He is also known to be very close to Lewis, who campaigned vigorously to be installed as Legends captain.  Many commentators believe that Jones, like his fellow countrywoman, is not for turning and a return for Brennan is more unlikely than not. 

The game takes place at 7.30pm on 13th February.